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Elsa High Heel Designer

Channel your inner stylist and come up with a design for Elsa at Elsa High Heel Designer, the latest dressing up game for girls from Friv land! Play it at Friv

King Of Chaos

Will you be able to become the king of Friv land's latest game: King Of Chaos? Only the best players with the great reflexes and the amazing tactics can win King Of Chaos online game. You can share this free game for kids with your best friends to make the playtime more interesting! Don’t hesitate and come to try out this incredible game at Friv

Blocky Cars

The cars from Blocky Cars free game prove to be quite efficient when it comes to going on a new adventure. If you love the games with pixel graphics, this is the chance for you to experience and drive your own Blocky Cars in this new racing game from Friv land. Fasten your seatbelt and start a free drive at school friv.

Falling Ballz

Enjoy your playtime with the colorful circles in Falling Ballz online game, an arcade game with the unique mechanism which guarantees a fun experience! This is an addicting game from Friv land that has gained the attention of so many players of all ages. You won't be able to stop playing Falling Ballz free game! Take some time off and try it out at friv free online Games.

Helix Jump 2

The second game for the fan of Helix Jump is here in Friv land! With the same fun gameplay but more updates and fun challenges, Helix Jump 2 online game will be the best choice to relax in your free time. You can enjoy letting the bouncing ball fall through the pillar and gain some high scores using your flexibility in Friv

10 Shot Soccer

Are you ready to show your shooting skills and claim a position in the team at Friv online game? 10 Shot Soccer free game is a fun and elaborated game for the hardcore fans of this amazing sports, so don't hesitate and try 10 Shot Soccer online game now. You will learn the basic techniques and improve personal skills in no time at Frivland!

Tube Clicker

Friv land gives you a chance to become a Youtuber for one day in Tube Clicker online, a unique clicking game. You will carry out the task of streaming your own video and earn money while coming up with the best advertising strategy to increase your income. Let's get rich with Tube Clicker free game at friv games

Kick Up

The best football player will shine in Kick Up free game, the new clicking game from Friv play 2018! If you are looking for a game to have fun and train your kicking skill, Kick Up online game is the perfect choice for you. How long will you be able to keep the ball on air? Test it out at Frivvgames

Dragon Ball Battle

Dragon Ball Battle game is the perfect choice for fans of Goku and the Dragon Ball series. In order to spice up the classic arcade game, play this version at

Princess Oscars Red Carpet 2018

Elsa, Rapulzel, and Jasmine are invited to Oscars. Such a great honor! Help them dress up perfectly in Princess Oscars Red Carpet 2018 online game at frivvvv online games!

Peppa Pig Tattoo Design

Do you have the necessary qualifications to become an assistant at Peppa Pig Tattoo Design online game? This is a new interactive game from Friv play 2018 with the fun gameplay, a unique concept, and beautiful graphics. You can show off your designing skills in Peppa Pig Tattoo Design free game at Friv games

Stickman Boost 2

Will you be able to overcome all the obstacles and deadly spikes in Friv land's latest game: Stickman Boost 2 online game for kids? Stickman Boost 2 is available for free so that you can continue to enjoy the sequel to the original stickman game. Jump, run, roll and swing through the objects and win the game at Friv

Poop Clicker 3

Who knows that poop can also be a source of energy? Now, with Dr. Halling's technology, you can save the Earth using the energy from Poop Clicker 3 online game! In order to complete the tasks in this Friv game, just keep on clicking on the poop. Poop Clicker 3 is easy and fun to play, so don't hesitate to try it out at Frivland

Deer Hunter 3D

Have you ever tried a shooting game with the realistic 3D graphics like Deer Hunter 3D game for kids? Prepare your sniffle gun and conquer the challenges one by one in this Friv play game for kids now! You will enjoy the best time while hunting and searching for the deer. Play Deer Hunter 3D free game online at Friv

Let's Kill Jeff The Killer

Grab your weapons and start the search for the scary killer Jeff in Let's Kill Jeff The Killer online game! It's a shooting game in which you have to face your own fear and overcome the mess that this scary assassin has made. Will you be able to kill Jeff before he finds you? Play Let's Kill Jeff The Killer at Friv com

Candy Match 3

Candy Match 3 online game has gained the attention of so many little girls thanks to its fun gameplay and adorable images. Don't miss out on the chance to try out some fun challenges in Candy Match 3 at FrivGames! Choosing the pieces to switch positions is not an easy task. Will you be able to win this Friv game?

8 Ball Pool Billiards

Are you a great billiard player? A match of billiard will be a great choice to relax after the tough day. How about playing 8 Ball Pool Billiards free game at Friv online? Not only will you enjoy the fun challenge but you can also enhance your skills. Let's play 8 Ball Pool Billiards online at Friv play online

Skyfight .io

Control your aircraft and turn, dive, climb and loop to avoid the missiles in Skyfight .io fighting game from Friv land! Skyfight .io free game is the perfect choice for the strategist to show your ability on a real battlefield. How many aircraft will you be able to shoot down? Gear up and take off at Friv!

Megaspin .io

Widget spinners are all the rage at the moment, therefore, don't miss out on the chance to join a tournament of the best players in Megaspin .io free game! Megaspin .io for kids is a new io game from Friv school with the best graphics and fun gameplay. Experience the huge map in friv online free games

Slenderman Vs Freddy The Fazbear

Are you ready to find the way out of the abandoned town with all the scary creatures in Slenderman Vs Freddy The Fazbear free game? As Slenderman is becoming famous, Friv land brings Slenderman Vs Freddy The Fazbear to allow players to enjoy a game with the horror theme. Let's check it out at friv 4 school

Devast .io

Let's put your survival skills to test with this extremely addicting game from Friv play 2018: Devast .io online game! If you love to explore a new land and collect the resources, is the perfect choice for you. You will experience the elaborated graphics and smooth transition with this game at friv land

Fruit Shoot Boom

If you are confident of your shooting skills, how about playing a new shooting game from Friv land to put your skills to test? Unlike the other gun shooting games, Fruit Shoot Boom free game for kids has the cute theme. This game remains extremely fun and dynamic, so take some time off to check Fruit Shoot Boom out at Friv for school

Just Feed Me Bloomy

In Just Feed Me Bloomy free game, you will collect the fresh and delicious fruits from Friv online garden to make sure that all the animals are well fed. They are very hungry, so use your skills to gather the fruits which are falling down from the tree and feed them. It's a game which requires your quick reflex and great observation skills. Play Just Feed Me Bloomy at friv

Elsa Birthday Surprise

Let's start the party with Elsa Birthday Surprise game for kids! This is one of the best interaction games for girls in Friv online 2018 and you should definitely try this one out. Dress up and bake the most delicious cake to celebrate Elsa Birthday Surprise at friv land online

Coloring Game for Kids

Coloring Game For Kids is an interesting coloring game designed specifically for kids, but adults can enjoy and even love it too. It’s a great place where players can play around with color and free their creativity and imagination. Make your own masterpieces in Coloring Game For Kids online at fr iv game Have fun!

Princess Sofia Busy Clinic

Let's learn the important tasks and knowledge of a clinic in Princess Sofia Busy Clinic free game, a new girl game from Friv play. This game allows the girls to emerge in the real working environment of a doctor and to learn how to take care of the patients. Enjoy treating the beautiful princesses in Princess Sofia Busy Clinic online now at friv online!

Soldiers Combat

Learn the strategy and the movement to win a battle in Soldiers Combat - a popular shooting game from Friv online games 2018! Soldiers Combat is the perfect game for the boys to show their amazing shooting skills and the reflexes in a real battle. How long can you survive? Don't forget to collect all the special keys for a surprise at friv land online

Baby Elsa Hairstyle Design

Baby Elsa is a fashionista and she needs your help to catch up with the latest trend in hairstyles. Come to Baby Elsa Hairstyle Design online game from Friv online games to come up with the best hairstyles. Moreover, you can learn to coordinate the hairstyles with the outfits as well. Start the game at Friv for school

Elsa Royal Pj Party

Have you ever been to a pajama party? If you haven't, this is your chance to play with the princesses from Friv online game: Elsa Royal Pj Party. It has more decorations and mini-games than the first version, so you will have the best time in Elsa Royal Pj Party for sure! Don't hesitate anymore and try it out at friv online game now!

Circle Ping Pong

Move the black platform as fast as you can to catch the ball in Circle Ping Pong, a new game for kids in Friv land! Unlike any usual ping-pong game, you can now experience a match in the circle. How cool is that? Test your reflex and observation skills in Circle Ping Pong online game now!

2048 Puzzle

Are you ready to show us your smart moves and intelligent strategy in the famous puzzle game 2048? Friv land brings you an updated version of 2048 which guarantees the best playtime ever! You have to find out the way to merge all the tiles and create the block with the number 2048. Play the game at frivcomfriv now!

Baby Elsa Dollhouse Designer

Baby Elsa have dreamed of owning a dollhouse for a long time. She really wants to have to it. In Baby Elsa Dollhouse Designer, can you help her to design one? Start from the scratch, design, build and choose your favorite characters who will live there. Enjoy Baby Elsa Dollhouse Designer online with Elsa at…

Thewire .io

Which color will you choose for your wire in Thewire .io, another io game from Friv play 2018? If you haven't tried out any io game, how about starting with Thewire .io online game for free? Explore the map and grow significantly in size and shape to be the last one standing at Friv Online

Knife Hit Horror

The game Knife Hit Horror online will give you a small heart attack and adrenaline rush due to the scary yet fun challenges. You will have to throw all the available knives at the clown heads to win all levels in this Friv game. Learn how to overcome your own fear at Friv play games

Guess The Kitty

It's your chance to enjoy the most adorable game with so many kitties by joining Guess The Kitty online game at www.frip! You will have to challenge your short-term memory to be able to Guess The Kitty. Make your pick very carefully to avoid any harm to the kitties in this hilarious yet horrifying game: Guess The Kitty!

Extreme Moto Run

Extreme Moto Run online was made for the risk takers in Friv land 2018. So if you got the guts and the skills to race on the most challenging paths while performing the stunts, Extreme Moto Run is the perfect choice for you. How long will you be able to keep balance on the motorbike in Extreme Moto Run game for kids at friv

Timeshift 165

It's your chance to get on the Delahaye 165, a unique and powerful vehicle in Timeshift 165 online game and race against the time! All players can enjoy one of the most exciting race while switching back and forth between the universes to escape the effect of time. Make sure that you won't fall into oblivion at friv for school

The Zen Garden

Take care of your own Zen Garden and plant beautiful bamboo plants or go and meditate in the stunning temple with this brand new game from Friv online now! Only in Zen Garden online game can you enjoy this pure bliss and get away from the stressful life. Enjoy yourself with this relaxing game at friv for school


How many lines can you create in this new version of Tetris from Friv online? It will take time to come up with the best position to place the pieces, but remember to keep track of the time! You can also show your skills and compete against your friends. Let's play the classic game Tetris at friv for free!

Extreme Makeover

You can change your appearance any way you want to in Extreme Makeover online game, the latest game for girls in Friv online. Only in Extreme Makeover will you have the chance to try out each and every step in a standard transformation at the spa. Are you ready to learn the basics at friv games?

Mother's Day Gift

Prepare the best Mother's Day Gift by cleaning the house as a gift for Elsa's mother in Friv online game: Mother's Day Gift free game. It will take a while to clean up every nook and cranny of the house, but we guarantee that you will have a great time with the beautiful Elsa in this game. Have fun while decorating and designing the house with your friend at friv online now!

Ninja Defender

Channel your inner ninja and show us the ability to throw the knife in Friv game: Ninja Defender. Not only will you be able to challenge your skills but you will also get to enjoy the fun pixel world in this amazing game. How many monsters will you be able to kill before they reach the gate? Let's play the game Ninja Defender at friv online now!

Crush The Tower

Oh no! Unfortunately, the beautiful princess is locked up on the top floor of the tower. Will your knight be able to smash the tower and rescue her in Crush The Tower online game? In Crush The Tower from Friv play, you need to avoid the monsters and the traps at all cost to stay alive. Let's start a new journey at friv!

Brute Arena

Brute Arena online game will allow you to experience the real battles from as a true Viking. You will have the strength and power of the Viking, but will you be able to use it properly and win the battles? Only the best player can showcase his strength in Brute Arena from Friv online. Play it at abcya 3 now!

Peppa Pig Birthday Cake Cooking

Celebrate Peppa Pig's birthday with a delicious cake in Peppa Pig Birthday Cake Cooking online game! In this game from Friv play, players can enjoy a fun cooking time in Peppa's kitchen and learn how to use the ingredients to make a cake. Cooking can be incredibly fun and easy with the right tutorial, so don't hesitate to try it at.... now!

Frozen Sister Flower Girls

Ariel's biggest day is coming soon! It's her big wedding! You will play the role of a wedding planner and come to Frozen Sister Flower Girls online game to create the most beautiful wedding. Keep in mind that the main theme of this game from Friv online 2018 is the flower! Play Frozen Sister Flower Girls at frivla for free now!

Punch Boxing Championship

Punch Boxing Championship in Friv play has opened and it's the chance for the tough boxers to showcase their strength! Come to knock out the players from all around the world and claim the title of the winner. If you are good at punching, dodging and blocking attacks, don't hesitate to play the game at friv for school now!

Tower Defense

We need a great strategist to place the defense towers and protect the path to our kingdom in Tower Defense free game for kids! Tower Defense will guarantee to bring you a fun playtime with Friv play online. Moreover, you can even enhance your battle skills to win more battles at friv! It's time you joined this battle and claim victory!

Battle Simulator

A great leader never misses the chance to win a battle. You can showcase your ability as a leader by winning all the battles with Battle Simulator online game as well. This is one of the strategy games from Friv online games with the elaborated graphics and cool design. Join the battle for a new experience at friv now!

Stickman Pong

With Stickman Pong online game, you will be able to train your reflex and improve your speed in a ping pong game. It's not easy to win over the computer in the game that requires the speed. However, you can learn the skills and master the game with Friv land's guide! Check out the game at friv games free

Two Dots

Concentrate on the beautiful dots to figure out the way to connect them in Two Dots - a new puzzle game from Friv online! With Two Dots, not only will you be able to show your puzzle solving skill but you can also spend some time to train your brain. Let's come to connect the colorful dots and make some squares now!

Troll Football Cup 2018

Try out a brand new hilarious football game from Friv play: Troll Football Cup 2018 online game! Players can experience the most unique point-and-click game and stop the fight, solve the puzzles for extra scores! However, you need to think outside of the box since anything can be the key. How many levels can you win in Troll Football Cup 2018?

Babysitter A Day With Triplets

We need an experienced babysitter to look after three kids in Babysitter A Day With Triplets online game! You will have to play with the triplets, feed them and even dress them up. It's not an easy task to take care of them for a whole day. Are you the suitable babysitter for this Friv land game? Showcase your flexibility at

Animal Shapes

Another game for kids has arrived at Friv land this summer! It's Animal Shapes - a brand new game with many beautiful pictures of the animals. This is a simple yet fun puzzle game which is most suitable for the kids. Let them learn how to create a full picture from many small pieces and spread their imagination in Animal Shapes and more games at...... now!