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Mother's Day Gift

Prepare the best Mother's Day Gift by cleaning the house as a gift for Elsa's mother in Friv online game: Mother's Day Gift free game. It will take a while to clean up every nook and cranny of the house, but we guarantee that you will have a great time with the beautiful Elsa in this game. Have fun while decorating and designing the house with your friend at friv online now!

Ninja Defender

Channel your inner ninja and show us the ability to throw the knife in Friv game: Ninja Defender. Not only will you be able to challenge your skills but you will also get to enjoy the fun pixel world in this amazing game. How many monsters will you be able to kill before they reach the gate? Let's play the game Ninja Defender at friv online now!

Crush The Tower

Oh no! Unfortunately, the beautiful princess is locked up on the top floor of the tower. Will your knight be able to smash the tower and rescue her in Crush The Tower online game? In Crush The Tower from Friv play, you need to avoid the monsters and the traps at all cost to stay alive. Let's start a new journey at friv!

Brute Arena

Brute Arena online game will allow you to experience the real battles from as a true Viking. You will have the strength and power of the Viking, but will you be able to use it properly and win the battles? Only the best player can showcase his strength in Brute Arena from Friv online. Play it at abcya 3 now!

Peppa Pig Birthday Cake Cooking

Celebrate Peppa Pig's birthday with a delicious cake in Peppa Pig Birthday Cake Cooking online game! In this game from Friv play, players can enjoy a fun cooking time in Peppa's kitchen and learn how to use the ingredients to make a cake. Cooking can be incredibly fun and easy with the right tutorial, so don't hesitate to try it at.... now!

Frozen Sister Flower Girls

Ariel's biggest day is coming soon! It's her big wedding! You will play the role of a wedding planner and come to Frozen Sister Flower Girls online game to create the most beautiful wedding. Keep in mind that the main theme of this game from Friv online 2018 is the flower! Play Frozen Sister Flower Girls at frivla for free now!

Punch Boxing Championship

Punch Boxing Championship in Friv play has opened and it's the chance for the tough boxers to showcase their strength! Come to knock out the players from all around the world and claim the title of the winner. If you are good at punching, dodging and blocking attacks, don't hesitate to play the game at friv for school now!

Tower Defense

We need a great strategist to place the defense towers and protect the path to our kingdom in Tower Defense free game for kids! Tower Defense will guarantee to bring you a fun playtime with Friv play online. Moreover, you can even enhance your battle skills to win more battles at friv! It's time you joined this battle and claim victory!

Battle Simulator

A great leader never misses the chance to win a battle. You can showcase your ability as a leader by winning all the battles with Battle Simulator online game as well. This is one of the strategy games from Friv online games with the elaborated graphics and cool design. Join the battle for a new experience at friv now!

Stickman Pong

With Stickman Pong online game, you will be able to train your reflex and improve your speed in a ping pong game. It's not easy to win over the computer in the game that requires the speed. However, you can learn the skills and master the game with Friv land's guide! Check out the game at friv games free

Two Dots

Concentrate on the beautiful dots to figure out the way to connect them in Two Dots - a new puzzle game from Friv online! With Two Dots, not only will you be able to show your puzzle solving skill but you can also spend some time to train your brain. Let's come to connect the colorful dots and make some squares now!

Troll Football Cup 2018

Try out a brand new hilarious football game from Friv play: Troll Football Cup 2018 online game! Players can experience the most unique point-and-click game and stop the fight, solve the puzzles for extra scores! However, you need to think outside of the box since anything can be the key. How many levels can you win in Troll Football Cup 2018?

Babysitter A Day With Triplets

We need an experienced babysitter to look after three kids in Babysitter A Day With Triplets online game! You will have to play with the triplets, feed them and even dress them up. It's not an easy task to take care of them for a whole day. Are you the suitable babysitter for this Friv land game? Showcase your flexibility at

Animal Shapes

Another game for kids has arrived at Friv land this summer! It's Animal Shapes - a brand new game with many beautiful pictures of the animals. This is a simple yet fun puzzle game which is most suitable for the kids. Let them learn how to create a full picture from many small pieces and spread their imagination in Animal Shapes and more games at...... now!

Match Fruits

How fast can you match the fruits? You will have to race against the clock to match as many as possible within the limited time in Match Fruits - a matching game from Friv land. Match Fruits requires a great observation skill to locate the possible lines and switch them up. Will your score be the highest on the Leaderboard?

Fireboy And Watergirl 2

Let's start the journey to the magical Chamber of Light with Fireboy And Watergirl 2! Fireboy and Watergirl need your help to continue with the important task of locating and collecting the valuable gems. Prepare to solve the puzzles and find the way out of the chamber with your friends in this new game from Friv land!

Knife Hit 2

Show us your perfect aiming skills by throwing all the knives in Knife Hit 2 - a brand new knife game from Friv land 2018. The objects are not limited to just the wooden board anymore. With Knife Hit 2, you will face more challenging levels, harder tasks and more dangerous situation. Grab your knives and start the game now!

Flower Slide Mahjong

Traditional games from China are famous for the beautiful pieces and interesting rules. Now with Flower Slide Mahjong online game, you can try out a new version of the classic Mahjong set. The game has elaborated rules so it will take some brainstorming to clear the levels. Are you ready to play Flower Slide Mahjong?

Jumping Kim

Who would think that Kim Jong Un can jump the rope? If you want to have some fun while jumping rope, how about trying out Jumping Kim - a fun game for kids from Friv land. Kim Jong Un is not the thinnest man, so you will need to be flexible so as not to trip over the rope. How many times will you be able to jump?

Instagirls Dress Up

It's time to do some shopping! These girls on Instagram need your help to make the best photo collection on Instagram at Instagirls Dress Up - a dress-up game for girls from Friv land. You get the chance to shine as the fashionista on Instagram by selecting the most glamourous outfits and accessories. Are you up for the challenge?

How To Boil Eggs

Master the art of boiling the soft-boiled and hard-boiled eggs by trying out Friv land's latest game: How To Boil Eggs! Not only will you learn the basics of cooking in How To Boil Eggs online game but you will also have the best playtime thanks to the incredibly fun gameplay. Try out How To Boil Eggs free game at friv games list now!

Five Nights At Freddy's Multiplayer

Have you ever tried a game from Friv land with a horror theme? If you haven't, Five Nights At Freddy's Multiplayer is an online game which is available for you for free at www friz com! Five Nights At Freddy's Multiplayer requires the ability to stay calm even during the intense situations. Will you be able to survive in Five Nights At Freddy's Multiplayer?

Rolling Cheese

It's time for the best player to come and solve the hard challenges in Rolling Cheese - a puzzle game from Friv land! Rolling Cheese has the cutest main character with many fun but challenging tasks to make sure that you have the best playtime. Show your intelligence and ability in Rolling Cheese game for kids at friv for kids school!

Ado Stunt Cars 2

Fasten your seatbelt and start the new challenges with Ado Stunt Cars 2 - the perfect online game for the fan of stunts performance. Ado Stunt Cars 2 online game gives the players the coolest platforms to show off their nearly impossible stunts. Don't miss out on the chance to experience Ado Stunt Cars 2 free friv 2018 game now!

World Soccer 2018

Let's join the championship and win match to match to earn the golden cup from World Soccer 2018 online game! With World Soccer 2018 free game for kids, you can show your ability to shoot the ball and to trick the goalie to bring the victory to your home team. Will you be able to win the World Soccer 2018 cup?

Dragon Vice City

Only in Dragon Vice City online game from friv for school unblocked will the players get a chance to become the mighty dragon and terrorize the city! Dragon Vice City has the best graphic design with the extremely smooth transition and beautifully drawn details. If you like the dragons, don't miss out Dragon Vice City free game!

Super Mario Bros Crossover

Meet an iconic character Super Mario again in original Super Mario Bros Crossover. Join Mario on an exciting adventure of saving the beautiful princess. Walk through various worlds, defeat enemies and rescue the princess. An epic journey is waiting for you in Super Mario Bros Crossover online at frivvvv games. Enjoy!

Soccertastic World Cup 2018

Start off the World Cup season with Friv land's latest soccer game: Soccertastic World Cup 2018 for free! Unlike the normal games, Soccertastic World Cup 2018 online game has the better gameplay and amazing graphics. Players will be able to enjoy Soccertastic World Cup 2018 with many penalties and gain lots of scores!


Bubbles - a new puzzle game from Friv land will have you addicted from the very first bubbles! Though seemingly simple enough, this engaging game is addicting and fun to play during the playtime. Bubbles online game is the one which is suitable for all ages! Why don’t you take some time off and try out Bubbles for free?

Fastlane Road To Revenge Online

We need a great driver to drive the car through the rain of bullets and reach the destination in Fastlane Road To Revenge Online game! Friv land brings you Fastlane Road To Revenge Online as a combination of a shooting and action game. Let's call some friends to enjoy together in your playtime at friv com school!


Put your intelligence to test by playing the latest puzzle game from Friv land's collection: Divide! Unlike the ordinary games, Divide online is the perfect choice for the players who would like a game with some tough challenges. If you are good at math, don't forget to try out and have some fun with more games at friv juegos jogos!


If you're a fan of the old snake game, how about trying out Classic Snake io - the updated version from Friv land to test out and experience the new features? Classic Snake io game has gained the attention of many players from around the world. Create your own snake in friv 2017 and compete against your friends now!

Hot Wheels

The other cars are hots on your wheels, so speed up and drive through them in Hot Wheels online game - the latest driving game from Friv land! If you like to challenge your driving skills, frivvvvvv is the perfect choice for you. With Hot Wheels online game, players will experience an intense and fun race!

World Craft Online

Craft out your own worlds with World Craft Online - the latest building game from Friv land games collection! In friv 2 juegos, you can build, mine, move, fly, jump, and craft to build the infrastructures and the buildings. Are you ready to create your kingdom right now with World Craft Online game?

Minecraft Memory Mania

How good are you at solving puzzles and mania? If you are confident in your memory, try out Friv land's latest game: Minecraft Memory Mania to challenge yourself. Minecraft Memory Mania online will bring you a fun playtime with cute characters from Minecraft. Are you ready to play friv best games ever?

Words Family

Challenge your ability to match the letters and form the meaningful words in Words Family! Words Family game is a free puzzle game from Friv land with the coolest levels to spice up your lessons. With juegos game for kids, learning is much easier now! Start solving the quizzes with your friends now!

Halloween Nail Art

Players are tempted by Halloween Nail Art of You are going to paint nails. Patterns are all Halloween themed. You select designs and colors. Make your nails shine brightly. You impress people with one-of-a-kind beauty. Halloween Nail Art game gives you a buzz. Take a glimpse at juegos friv free.

Arsenal Emblem Puzzle

Arsenal Emblem Puzzle is an engrossing game in You give your brain an exam. Ask yourself whether you can win a puzzle under the time pressure. Maybe you are confused by chaotic piles of pieces. Enjoy joyous moments finding the answer to the jigsaw puzzle at Emblem Puzzle game of friv 4 school 2017.

GunBlood Remastered

You exchange shot with several enemies on GunBlood Remastered of It’s time to fire. Hold the revolver tight and shoot exactly. The key to success is maximum speed. You must launch bullets faster than rivals. GunBlood Remastered game uplifts players in friv for school 2018. Head off to the Wild West.

Dot Invasion

Dot Invasion is an amusing game in You just control a big dot and change its color. The game requires quick-reaction ability and good eyesight. Be in the zone to choose the right color. Boost speed of touching the screen. Dot Invasion game of friv4school 2020 brings you blitheness. Match dots with same dots.


You are attracted to Tripolygon of Play with colors and practice quick-reaction ability. You make a rectangle spin. Match bars with the same – colored parts. You will experience glowing memories and radiant moments.  Tripolygon game gives players a lift on juegos friv 5. Have a great time!

Tap Touch Run

Tap Touch Run cracks you up when you jump over spike boards at Assist a dog to arrive at the final destination. You will run fast, jump at the right moments, move to the right or left. The path is not simple to move on. You struggle with threats and survive. Tap Touch Run game of frrriv buoys you up.

Flip The Gun

You are definitely attached to Flip The Gun in You direct a kind of weapon. It is a revolver. You make it rebound and jump to avoid falling out of the screen. If you feel blue, you can play and dive into this game. How many points can you get? Flip The Gun game of www.friv.con is entrancing and beguiling.

1 Line

1 Line 1 is available on Welcome you to the land of dots and lines. You take an exam to find out the level of power of reasoning. Strike against tough questions. Draw shapes and images just with one Line game of friv 2 com make players have a spring in their step. Wrack your brain and challenge the brilliance.

Space Roll

Players are full of the joys of spring when they enjoy Space Roll of You have a journey in space. Keep running on a platform. Attempt to stay on tiles. Avoid falling down. Eat cubes to earn scores. Let’s see how far you can go. Branch out! Chill out with the ball. Space Roll game brightens you up at friiiv.

Turbo Dismounting

You are over the moon if you play Turbo Dismounting in You pick a pose and begin to dismount. Just fall down and feel free. You can be cut by toothed wheels or injured by collisions. Knock against solid obstacles. Turbo Dismounting game of jogos do frive is entrancing. Have a fun experience!

Dots Pong

When it comes to think of reaction game, Dots Pong is a good choice in You test your great eyesight and reaction ability. You are fond of it for sure. You use both the brain and fingers to win this game. The game is challenging and interesting. You’re thrilled to bits while joining Dots Pong game of friv 5.

Egypt Stone War

You hang around Egypt Stone War of to combat the brutal dark force. Enlist the army and fight against scary mummies. You will shoot or throw stones at rivals. You struggle to terminate enemies and destroy their base. You relax and have fun with Egypt Stone War game in juego friv 2. Aim well and shoot fast!

Connect Lines

Connect Lines is nothing short of a typical puzzle game at You play with lines and curves. They are one unity originally. They are taken apart. Your duty is connecting them. You must take advantage of brainpower to match parts. Prove you are a player of great intelligence in Connect Lines game of fvi game.

Neon Ball 3D

Neon Ball 3D is a captivating game at You had better be fast to move on the sinuous road. Keep the balance and save your only life. The adventure is not a piece of cake at all. You focus on running and move smartly. Instructions show you the rope. Neon Ball 3D game of friv games to play is ready.

Fast Knife

Players are happy as Larry as they join Fast Knife on The rule of this game is very simple. You stab draggers at the target. Avoid shooting at existing blades. Sometimes you should thank your lucky stars when you dodge one knife. Fast Knife game of friv4school app is a hurdle which you desire to overcome.

Duck Hunter

Duck Hunter is the story about the life of a dog and ducks at This game warms the cockles of players’ heart.  Attend the hunting season and take back birds. Aiming and shooting skills are very essential. Duck Hunter game is so spellbinding that you can’t give a cold shoulder to it on Friv 4 school play now. 

Gold Miner Jack

Do your best to win Gold Miner Jack of You work as a miner seeking valuable objects like gold, gemstones, and cash. You use your special tool to collect everything except for bombs and explosives. Earn scores to attain major goals. Players hang round Gold Miner Jack game to have gleeful moments in friv 4.

Space Speed

You are a happy bunny while playing Space Speed in Wander around and take golden stars. You control objects with various shapes. Lead stars go in holes. That is the way you play. Fly through energy platforms and make missions done. Space Speed game of friv for school 2018 is really gripping.

Elsa New Room Design

Elsa New Room Design is an amazing game in You take a visit to a new house of Elsa. She has bought a new villa. However, she has no idea about its decoration. Give her assistance. You change color and furniture of two rooms and the yard. This Elsa New Room Design game cheers you up on friv games. Jazz them up!

Falling Dots

In a blink of an eye, you choose the right color to survive in Falling Dots. Welcome to! Players are going to test the velocity of reaction. Brain and fingers work hard. Don’t make any mistake. Keep up with the high speed of Falling Dots game in friv4school unblock! Why don’t we get started immediately?

Zombie Choppa

Zombie Choppa is a creepy action game at Many people are in danger. Your responsibility is saving them. You use a chopper to rescue them. Survivors must leave the city before zombies take their life away. You also drive a helicopter to help victims. Zombie Choppa game is a survival skirmish in friv games for kids.

Football World Cup 2018

Football World Cup 2018 is a very exciting game of You play as a professional footballer. You run fast, kick and pass the ball. You can beam with pride when you lift up the trophy. This is an awesome sports game in www friv.  Football World Cup 2018 game is a perfect choice for soccer addicts.

Royal Wedding Vs Modern Wedding

The best wedding coordinator in Royal Wedding Vs Modern Wedding game should be the one who can flexibly change between many styles. In Royal Wedding Vs Modern Wedding, you will be able to show your talent by decorating two weddings! Take some time off and play with the princesses in Royal Wedding Vs Modern Wedding now!

Elsa Parent Child Outfit Collection

Elsa Parent Child Outfit Collection is an intriguing girl game in Elsa and baby Belle are going to walk on the one-way. They take the role of a mother and daughter. They dress like family members. You’re full of the joys of spring with Elsa Parent Child Outfit Collection game of friv best online games ever.