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Street Driver

How can you control 2 cars at once? Driving a car is too difficult, so control 2 cars at the same time? Street Driver tests your driving skills in this unique challenge at friv games 2020. Good luck!

Face Paint Party

The face party is here. Let’s create an artwork. Start with cleaning your face, then follow each step and finish your creation. Have fun with Face Paint Party at friv games 2020 and enjoy more options here.

rope hero

You are a superhero who has a superpower like Spiderman. You will roam around the street and knock down all enemies and targets. Welcome to Amazing Rope Hero at friv 2020.

Bob The Robber 4 Season 3: Japan

The thieves are not good but if you want to experience the intelligence of a thief. You are invited to the online game Bob The Robber 4 Season 3: Japan in friv games. You will do your duty well. Accept the challenge now!

Adam And Eve 6

Adam received a love letter from Eve. However, he has to find her. She is hiding somewhere in the kingdom. Help him in the whole journey in Adam and Eve 6 at friv 5

Adam and Eve: Cut the Ropes

Adam is kidnapped by some snakes in the jungle. Let’s rescue him so he can meet his beloved Eve in Adam and Eve: Cut the Ropes at friv Games online. Let’s see how can you save him.

Golf Bounce

A Polar bear and Penguin are playing golf together. Do you want to join them? They will teach you a new way to play golf. Let’s enjoy your time with 2 friendly friends in Golf Bounce at friv Games school.

Hidjigs Hello Summer

Summer is here. Have you had any vacations on the beach this summer yet? If not, let’s come to Hidjigs Hello Summer at friv com school and solve the puzzles on the beach under the sunlight.

Happy Birthday Cake Décor

Everyone wants to have a birthday cake on their birthday, right? What about you? Why don’t you bake and décor your own birthday cake? Welcome to Happy Birthday Cake Décor at friv Games to play

Cat Wizard Defense

A crowded slime army is coming. They aim to take down your castle. Summon the best cat wizards and stop them before they approach your gate in Cat Wizard Defense at Games of friv

Almost all people in this world have turned into zombies. You are one of a few survivors. You have to fight to kill these zombies and save your life. Good luck in at play friv Games.

NERF Epic Pranks

Who is the best prankster? It may be you at least in a cool game called NEFT Epic Pranks at kids friv. Prank every character in each level with your NEFT guns without being caught? Can you do it?

Hero Knight Action RPG

Monsters attack your village and burn all houses. Play as a heroic knight and defeat them before they attack again. Have fun in Hero Knight Action RPG and other amazing games at play friv

Summer Beach Spa Day

Summer is here and nothing is better than having a vacation on the beach with your best friends. Help our girls get ready in the spa and have fun in Summer Beach Spa Day at friv Games 2020

Superhero Violet Fashion Shoot

Violet from The Incredibles wants to have a photo album. She needs your help to fulfill this desire. Come to Superhero Violet Fashion Shoot at game friv online and pick out for her 6 different outfits.

Tricky Kick

Do you like to play soccer? Let’s discover a way to play soccer that Tricky Kick introduces you right now. At friv for free, go through several obstacles and kick the ball to the goal to get scores.

Drift Racing

Racing makes you excited as they are related to speed. Let’s try a new level of the racing game: drifting. Let’s drift through all the bends of the road in Drifting Racing at friv kids Games

Catch The Thief 3D

Many thieves break in your house aiming to steal your wealth. It seems they have broken into the wrong house because of you. Teach them a lesson in Catch The Thief 3D at game friv

Axe Master

Aim and throw each axe at every target in front of you in Axe Master at friv play Games. Complete every process in each level to unlock the new one. Check out other choices of games on our site.

Adventure Escape

An adventurer is trapped in a broken ship. He needs to go to the top of this ship to get out of here. Help him go through each floor safely in Adventure Escape at friv Games play. Don’t let him stuck there.

Beer Slide

Beer is served. Let’s have a drink. In Beer Slide at friv Games online, you will play a fun game which is to slide your beer as far as you can along the bar table. How far you can go? Check it out!

Super Ninja Adventure

Super Ninja is ready for a super adventure. What about you? Join him and spend your time enjoying the best experience that suits all ages. Have fun in Super Ninja Adventure at friv to play

Golf Blast

Play golf is a favorite hobby of many people. How about you? Have you ever come to a golf course and played golf? Yes or no, just enter Golf Blast at play free friv Games and enjoy your time here.

Football Storm Strike

Who will be the ace of a football team? This one can be you if you beat the opposing team’s goalkeeper and score as many points as you can. Football Storm Strike awaits you at friv at school

Super Blocky Race

Super Blocky Race at friv Games to play welcomes you to the most intense and amazing race ever in the beautiful blocky world. You can’t wait to check it out, right? Let’s start and grab the champion cup.

Dragon Slayer FPS

On an expedition, you encounter a skeleton and bone dragon army. The only way to survive is to fight. Kill all of them before you become their prey. Good luck with Dragon Slayer FPS at kids friv

Dracula, Frankenstein & Co

Justice is always on the good side, but monsters in Dracula, Frankenstein & Co decided to change this. At friv free Games, your mission is to help them succeed. Stand in the dark side, why not?

Go Up Dash

How is your finger's speed? Is it fast? Let's have a test in a game called Go Up Dash at friv Games online where you have to help your character avoid obstacles in rush. Will you succeed?

Drag Racing Rivals

How would you rate your racing skills? If you are confident, let's have a test on the underground street races in Drag Racing Rivals at play friv games. Your opponent is ready, what about you?

Run Into Death

No one wants to run into death, right? Life is hard, so you have to find a way to live better and in Run Into Death, it's to kill zombies and protect yourself from them. Enjoy more at friv games.

Tank Mayhem

The simplest thing is the best. Do you agree with that? Tank Mayhem will bring you such thing. Get on your tank and ready to knock out your enemies. Enjoy more games at friv games

Swords of Brim

Join Swords of Brim at friv games and handle different enemies. How far can you go? Slash through your way to the farthest place and enjoy your running adventure and become the master of speed.

Prison Escape Plan

The prison is strictly guarded. It's hard to escape from here but surely you can find a way to help 3 female prisoners escape safely. Test yourself in Prison Escape Plan at friv games.

Cross That Road

It seems that you don’t need to have any skills to cross the road but you need it. Crossing the road is not easy, especially during rush hour. Let’s see how can you make it in Cross That Road at friv games.

Highway Car Race

4 different modes and 3 settings, Highway Car Race will bring to the world of speed. At there, you are free to control your car like the way you want. If you're ready, come to friv games and enjoy.

Wild Animal Hunting

It’s time to embark on a new adventure. What about hunting? It sounds great, right? Find and hunt down many kinds of animals in Wild Animal Hunting at friv games. Fun comes along with challenges.

Square Bird

A square bird and tons of square eggs along with various obstacles are waiting for you in Square Bird at friv land. This game has a simple concept but incredibly fun. You’re sure to love it.

Happy Hockey!

Even the summer or winter comes, you can play hockey all the time in Happy Hockey! at friv games. Aim and send your punk to the net and conquer 50 amazing levels full of joy and challenges here.

Adam and Eve GO

Would you like to make a trip back in time? Return to prehistoric times and have an exciting adventure with Adam and Eva in Adam and Eve GO at Games of friv. Discover what awaits you ahead.

Racing Masters

4 racers and only 1 winner, would it be you? Under the pressure and the attack, you must try your best to grab the highest title of a racer in Racingmasters at friv free Games. Enjoy your time!

Money Movers 1

Escaping from prison might seem impossible, but with your lead, 2 prisoners in the Money Movers 1 will succeed. Do you guarantee success? Enjoy this game and more at friv Games 2020

The Celebrity Way of Life

How is the life of famous people? Do you want to try? Our lovely girl in The Celebrity Way of Life at friv Games wants to discover how the life of a celebrity would be. Help her!

Highway Robbers

Play as a robber being chased by the police. Can you run away from them safely? Show off your driving skills and beat every challenge in Highway Robbers at best friv Games. Wish you luck!

‎Animal Dash And Jump

48 cute characters and 3 challenging tracks, can you deal with them? Try it and feel the challenges that you may not have experienced before. Welcome to Animal Dash And Jump at Games of friv

Ghost Wiper

You are a ghost hunter and you will team up with your friend to make all the ghosts die once more time. Collaborate and eliminate every single ghost hiding in the house in Ghost Wiper at friv 4 game

Scary Maze

Scary Maze is a simple but challenging game that tests your ingenuity. Go from the start point to the end of a long maze without hitting the walls. Check this out at play friv

Defense Battle

Monsters are coming near your base. It's time to set up defense lines to kill them and protect your base. Welcome to Defense Battle at friv 4 game - a tense battle filled with fun and challenges.

Family Relics

Your uncle gives his farm to you with the hope that you can expand and lead it to prosperity. How can you do it? Follow your heart to get the work done. Have fun in Family Relics at friv 4 school.

Hello Cats

Cats sometimes are naughty but also sweet. A lovely or you can call it is an unpleasant cat trapped in different situations. Help it come back to its owner. Enjoy Hello Cats at friv play Games

Tower Builder

How many floors does the tallest building have out there? Let’s build your own skyscraper that is even taller than that one. Can you? Start your project in Tower Builder at friv school.

Sky Roller Online

Have you ever skated? If yes, let’s challenge your skills on a new level. Sky Roller Online is extremely challenging. It doesn’t like what you do in real life. Good luck and have fun at friv 4 school.

Granny House

You are locked in a horrifying hospital and escape from there is all that you have on your mind now. Run away from here without making a noise. Can you do it? Play Granny House at play free friv Games.

BFFs Graduation Party

Let’s meet Repunzel and Elsa in their graduation party in BFFs Graduation Party at friv 4 game. Why don’t you help them prepare a little bit so they can enjoy fully this event? Have fun with them!

Super Driver

Play as a bus driver in Super Driver and challenge yourself with several missions at the same time. Can you make it? Take care of your passengers and start the show now. Have fun at friv for school.