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Street Driver

How can you control 2 cars at once? Driving a car is too difficult, so control 2 cars at the same time? Street Driver tests your driving skills in this unique challenge at friv games 2020. Good luck!

Face Paint Party

The face party is here. Let’s create an artwork. Start with cleaning your face, then follow each step and finish your creation. Have fun with Face Paint Party at friv games 2020 and enjoy more options here.

rope hero

You are a superhero who has a superpower like Spiderman. You will roam around the street and knock down all enemies and targets. Welcome to Amazing Rope Hero at friv 2020.

Bob The Robber 4 Season 3: Japan

The thieves are not good but if you want to experience the intelligence of a thief. You are invited to the online game Bob The Robber 4 Season 3: Japan in friv games. You will do your duty well. Accept the challenge now!

Adam And Eve 6

Adam received a love letter from Eve. However, he has to find her. She is hiding somewhere in the kingdom. Help him in the whole journey in Adam and Eve 6 at friv 5

Adam and Eve: Cut the Ropes

Adam is kidnapped by some snakes in the jungle. Let’s rescue him so he can meet his beloved Eve in Adam and Eve: Cut the Ropes at friv Games online. Let’s see how can you save him.

Happy Halloween

This Halloween season is much happier with Happy Halloween – a match-3 game at friv Games for kids. Look at its name and are you happy? Come and collect a bundle of Halloween treats in this fun game.

Frisbee Forever 2

Do you want to have a rollercoaster ride in a new way? Frisbee Forever 2 will take you on a journey where you will hurtle through the sky with your colorful disc. Have fun at Friv Land.

Adventure Hero

A hero is a person who always protects the weak and fights against the bad but the ultimate goal of our lovely hero in Adventure Hero is to collect fruit. Help him reach that goal at free Games friv.

Heroes of Match 3

Match a group of more than 3 identical items to defeat evil creatures attacking the peaceful kingdom in Heroes of Match 3 at friv best Games. The refreshing match 3 gameplay awaits you to discover.

Air Wolves

Face off enemy planes in one of the best air combat games at Friv Land called Air Wolves. Shoot down every single enemy plane and try to survive as long as possible. Good luck and have fun!

Sweet Candy Halloween

Visit Friv Land and bookmark some awesome Halloween games for Halloween. Here, you can find tons of different games including many options for Halloween and Sweet Candy Halloween is one of them.

Foody Triple Mahjong

Beautiful theme, awesome gameplay, and more, Foody Triple Mahjong is a perfect mahjong puzzle game for everyone, especially for foodies. Come to Friv Games and explore the world of tasty food.

Kids Movie Night

Kids, do you want to run your own movie theater? Play Kids Movie Night at Friv girls games play and you will have a chance to become a movie theater owner. Welcome all customers and start a hard-working day.


There is a cute little monster in Donutosaur and it is hungry. Its favorite food is the donut. Help this monster reach the donut with your awesome problem-solving skills. Have fun at friv free online Games.

Cristiano Ronaldo KicknRun

Dribbling a ball while avoiding tons of obstacles, who can do that? Cristiano Ronaldo can do it. Run through the streets with him in Cristiano Ronaldo KicknRun at friv online Games for kids. Have fun!

Kingdom Defense

Monsters are coming and attacking your fortress. If you don’t take any action right now, your fortress will be destroyed. Kingdom Defense is all about defending your kingdom. Have fun at Friv war games.

Pull Him Out

An adventurer or a scientist loves to explore mysterious places and this time, he gets stuck not for one time but several times. Help him by solving all the puzzles in Pull Him Out at Friv Land.

Shoot The Watermelon

Shoot The Watermelon is a friendly shooting game in which you shoot at the watermelons instead of all living creatures. Smash every single juice watermelon with your shooting skills at friv game 2020.

Kumu's Adventure

In a continent ruled by magic and technology, you and your friends have to deal with so many dangers to survive. Evolve and defeat your enemies to stay safe in Kumus Adventure at friv Games to play.

Knots Master 3D

The wires of a particular device are twisted together. You have to untangle them all until each wire is in its position. Knots Master 3D at friv for kids Games challenges you with many untangle puzzles.

Princess Cyberpunk 2200

What will the world be like in 2200? How do people dress up and makeup? Let’s discover everything about the fashion in Princess Cyberpunk 2200 at friv Games online free 4 girls will come along with you.

Crazy Racing 2020

Your car is ready and your opponents are also ready. What about you? Start your engine and rush forward to win over your opponents and win. Crazy Racing 2020 is crazy fun. Enjoy it at friv free Games online.

Sushi Feast

You work in a famous sushi restaurant and your job is to take the specific types of sushi to your customers. Group more than 3 sushi to complete your mission. Enjoy Sushi Feast at friv com Games play.

Connect Merge

Another relaxing game related to number arrives at frivGames 2020. Connect Merge is all about merging more than 2 the same numbers. Don’t ignore it when it comes to the number because it’s super fun.

Raft Shark Hunting

Let’s put terrestrial animals aside and start hunting sharks, the powerful underwater animal. Can you kill them or become their food? Find your answer by playing Raft Shark Hunting at Friv best shooting games.

Animal Life Cycle

Animal Life Cycle is a great game for kids that give them a chance to learn about the life of different animals interestingly. This game at friv online Games teaches a science lesson for kids.

Sniper Trigger

As a sniper, you are hired to kill down all bad guys. Show off your shooting skills and defeat every single enemy from afar. Sniper Trigger awaits you with some challenging mission at friv online Games.


Welcome to a new version of Sokoban at frivcom 2 game called Slimoban with some twists. You will raid the mazes filled with evil slimes and boxes. Pushing to box to save your life and keep going.

Adopt a Pet Jigsaw

Adopt a Pet Jigsaw is a cute game for those who love animals and puzzle games. Just kidding. It’s a perfect game for everyone. Complete 12 jigsaw puzzles and have fun with lovely pets at frivcom.

Zombie Wave Again

Zombies are attacking. Make use of your powerful cannon and blow up these annoying creatures in Zombie Wave Again at friv online Games. Don’t let jump approaching you if you want to keep your life safe.

Dig This Water

Don't let the fire spread everywhere. Use water to put out the fire before it’s too late. Dig and guide the water to lead water to the fire. Dig The Water welcomes you with tons of puzzles at friv Games free.

LOL Soft Girl Aesthetic

LOL surprise dolls want to transform. They want to be feminine. Let’s help them change their style from head to toes that follow the Soft Girl Aesthetic trend in LOL Soft Girl Aesthetic at friv Games girl.

Dodge The Tower

Work out and get ready to join the obstacle course racing championship and become the winner on Dodge The Tower at friv online Games. Jump over the towers and win over your opponents. Good luck!

Conect The Same Number

A fun puzzle game related to numbers arrives at friv free Games online. It’s called Conect The Same Number. As its name, you have to link the same numbers without crossing lines. Can you do that? Enjoy!

Tangle Master 3D

Are you bored? Do you have anything to do? Then, let’s test your patience and your wisdom with tons of knot untangling puzzles in Tangle Master 3D at friv com Games play. It’s fun and challenging.

Crazy Monsters Memory

Crazy Monsters Memory is an enjoyable memory game in which you have to flip the tiles and match them in pairs. Let’s see how good you are at memorizing. Have a great time at friv Games to play.

Sugar Heroes

Sugar Heroes brings you to the world of sweets where you meet many lovely characters and help them finish a variety of missions and challenges. Enjoy your gaming time at Friv land.

Cube Run

This is a weird and fun run. Your competitor is yourself. You have to collect enough cubes to run to the finish line. Just collect cubes and run without pausing. Enjoy Cube Run at frivcom 2020.

Awareness Game: The Robot Bar

How good is your memory? Let’s have a test. Remember as many details as possible in the picture and answer 10 questions about that picture. Have fun in Awareness Game: The Robot Bar at friv free online Games.

Poly Art 3D

Are you ready to discover the Poly Art 3D? Spin the tons of pieces until you form the right figure and find out what it is. Many interesting but challenging puzzles await you here at friv games online.

Spot The Different

2 photos look the same but they are different. Your job is to slot the differences between them. Time runs. Let’s start and earn coins to get more energies in Spot The Different at online Games friv.

Quarantine Pillow Challenge

Our princesses feel bored during quarantine, so they decided to start a pillow-wearing challenge and share on the social network. Enjoy Quarantine Pillow Challenge at friv com 2020 with them.

ASMR Slicing

Have a tasty juice each day is great. Slice different kinds of fruits and put them into the blender and make tasty juice. It’s also a great way to relax. Have fun in ASMR Slicing at friv free Games online.

Escape Out

Just ignore the reason why these prisoners are put into the prison, they need your help to get out of there. They are ready and waiting for you in Escape Out at friv free Games online. Have fun and good luck!

Truck Loader Online Master

You work at a transportation company and you have a job to load the boxes of goods into the truck. This job requires finesse and skills. Have fun in Truck Loader Online Master at friv free Games online.

LOL Surprise Protest

LOL Surprise dolls are here in LOL Surprise Protest at friv Games girl. They need to a new style. Turn them into a new version of them with your sense of fashion. Make them shine and stunning.

The Survivor

No one knows these monsters come from but they are invading this planet. Stop them if you want to save yourself and save the world. Come to The Survivor at friv best Games and sweep them out of there.

Mineblock Adventure

Immerse in the blocky world just like you are in Minecraft but you won’t craft or build anything. Are you ready for what awaits for you in Mineblock Adventure at friv best Games? Check it out!

Rolling Domino Smash

Come to Rolling Domino Smash at friv online Games and look at thousands of dominoes fall. This will bring you a satisfying feeling. Find the best way to hit the first piece that leads to a series of falling ones.

Greedy Rabbit 2

The cute fat rabbit in Greedy Rabbit 2 needs your help to conquer his hunger by gaining the stars and carrots scattered all over the map. Start hopping through obstacles in this Friv adventure game now!

Where Is My Ruffed Bird

A cute ruffed bird is waiting for you to take it to the destination that it wants to reach. You help him by drawing for it a path, so it can roll to the hold. Play Where Is My Ruffed Bird at friv com Games play.

Wizard Vs Orcs

Your kingdom is invaded by an army of orcs. Send your most powerful wizard to defeat them and protect your land. Cast a spell and turn them into corpses in Wizard Vs Orcs at friv Games for boys.

Miami Traffic Racer

Fast your seat belt and be ready for the racing adventure through the Miami street in Miami Traffic Racer at friv unblocked online games. This game is insanely challenging and you may fail several times.